Recovery from stroke can vary from person to person and be dependent on many factors such as type of stroke, severity of stroke, age etc.

It used to be thought that much of the recovery will have occurred by 3 months but we now know that recovery can take place over a much longer period of time.

The Toronto Stroke Networks developed the Guide for Stroke Recovery which is a mobile-friendly website that allows persons with stroke and family/caregivers to easily navigate information about common post-stroke topics and find practical strategies, video demonstrations and actionable solutions to common questions or concerns after stroke.  The layout and content of the website were designed to empower a self-management approach and facilitate community re-engagement.   For a general overview of this resource, click on the following link to access the Communiqué:  Web-based version of Guide for Stroke Recovery.  

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada developed the Post Stroke Checklist to help you converse with your healthcare provider about your recovery.  For further information on the recovery process from Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada click here.


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