Stroke Navigators

Staff at Runnymede Healthcare Centre are expanding partnerships to ensure that care doesn’t end when patients leave the hospital.

Patients who have experienced a stroke typically require access to community services that will aid in transitioning to the community and in their continued stroke recovery after discharge. For patients living in the Mississauga region, the West GTA Stroke Network has established a community program led by stroke navigators that offers support to stroke patients after being discharged from the hospital. Runnymede patients being discharged from our Low Tolerance Long Duration rehab program to the Mississauga region are able to access this program.

Community stroke navigators provide continuity of care by coordinating outpatient referrals, like speech therapy and physiotherapy, in the west GTA. When an eligible patient is about to be discharged, Runnymede puts these patients in touch with the community stroke navigators. This ensures seamless access to important healthcare services and an enhanced quality of care for patients. The West GTA Stroke Network is also hoping to expand the community stroke navigator program to other areas outside of Mississauga in the future.

Lisa Dreher, Manager of Patient Flow at Runnymede says that the program “is a bridge from discharge to home. Community stroke navigators support the continued recovery of our patients in an efficient and effective way. It is a huge relief for patients to have assistance in identifying available resources, which can sometimes be a challenge.”

By partnering with the West GTA Stroke Network, Runnymede is able to extend our reach beyond the walls of the hospital and further into surrounding communities. This extended care helps to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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